Large Forest Fires Monitoring Programme

Forest Survey of India has launched the beta-version of the Large Forest Fire Monitoring Programme on 16-01-2019 using near real time SNPP-VIIRS data. This programme is a part of the FAST 3.0 (FSI Fire Alerts System). Herein, FSI will track large fire events across the country and disseminate specific Large Fire alerts with the objective to identify, track and report serious forest fire incidents so as to help monitor such fires at senior level in the State Forest Department and also seek timely additional assistance that may be required to contain such fires. Large Fire tracking aims to improve tactical as well as strategic response to large forest fires.

Scope of Large Forest Fire

  • To monitor continuous, large forest fires using near-real time basis.
    • For escalation of support from State and National agencies.
    • To support decision making for tactical firefighting purposes.
  • To identify areas for post fire restoration / rehabilitation efforts.
  • To carry out damage assessment from fires in terms of area, severity of burn, canopy cover loss etc.

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Active Large Fire Events of Today - 15-08-2022

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